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Vans’ Jared Bevens and Kevin Casillo on Strengthening its Snow Program & Fan Base

August 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

Just released: Jared Bevens & Kevin Casillo, Vans

Vans is on the verge of celebrating 50 years as a brand. The company, which holds its original roots in skateboarding, has built a strong following in th

e snow space for the past 22 years. Jared Bevens, who was recently promoted last week to General Manager of Action Sports Canada, has been along for the ride with Vans for nearly 17 years, and sat down with us alongside Sports Marketing Manager: Snow & LXVI Kevin Casillo to discuss what’s new for the snow program during The Sessions @ SIA. 

“That’s more of what we’re bringing to the table now with the whole snow program. It’s that two-way conversation—not just pushing out information but also engaging our consumers—that has been a big part of growth on that side.”

With 30 videos total, stay tuned for more to come this summer and fall; Capita’s Blue Montgomery, Oakley’s Stacy Dye and Matty Swanson, Dragon’s Mike Tobia and TEN’s Gerhard Gross to list a few. TransWorld Business, TransWorld Snowboarding, Snowboarder and SIA will host the video series.

The Sessions @ SIA: Jared Bevens & Kevin Casillo, Vans

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