The winter industry is in a state of disruption. SIA provides members with deep, well researched, economic and marketplace data that allows our members to have the critical tools to help better make sense of the changing landscape. Our members consider SIA Research to be an essential part of their strategic planning to allow for the strongest-possible business performance.

Adding to the firepower of our research capabilities, we have partnered with NPD Group for world-class retail data and Adapt Analytics to strengthen our research offerings, including consumer data. 


SIA Monthly Topline Retail Sales Reports

In partnership with NPD Group, these monthly reports provide the most up-to-date data on topline retail sales across our industry. Provided each month, November-May, this series of reports is indispensable for any retail-based business. Free to SIA Premium, Standard, Rep and Retail members . For more information, please contact: [email protected]

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SIA Winter Participation Study

The  SIA Participation Study is a annual comprehensive look at participants in winter sports, including: skiing, snowboarding, nordic, backcountry and fat biking. The study presents a cumulative view of winter sport participation year over year. It covers participant  demographics, frequency, regional representation, crossover activities and more.

SIA Winter Participation Insights Report

This study take a closer look at the opinions and habits of winter sports participants, including general demographics, retail and travel insights.

Wholesale Sales & Orders Study

This annual report provides the most current data on the growth of our industry through an in-depth analysis of wholesale sales and orders.

  • Conducted 2x/year to provide data on sell-in and in-season sales
  • Only available to SIA members that participate

Custom Research

SIA’s research provides the winter industry with crucial retail, consumer and participation data, helping our members make insightful, data-driven decisions to enhance their businesses.

  • SIA has the ability to create custom queries within our research database, and help build custom surveys using consumers from a member’s database. We have the knowledge and experience to build the right questions for your survey.
  • Price dependent on scope

Consumer Research

Starting in 2017, the following surveys have been issued each year to a nationwide group of consumers. Results can be purchased individually or year over year.

  • Consumer Anticipation (early season)
  • Snow Sports Retail Consumer Behavior
  • Retail and Direct-to-Consumer for Snow Sports
  • Holiday Purchases
  • Snow Sports Used Marketplace
  • Snow Sports Consumer Rental and Service
  • Snow Sports Technology and Participation
  • Diversity in the Snow Sports Industry
  • Any Event (e.g. 2018 Winter Olympics) Impact • Consumer Retail Pulse (monthly)
  • $250 per report | $500 for a YOY comparison 

For more information on available research products and pricing, additional data, as well as custom research please see below or contact your member services representative or visit the SIA Member Portal via the button below. 

Our research products are available to our members and to the industry on reasonable pricing plans. To access SIA's research data, please visit the SIA Member Portal via the button below. If you're interested in becoming a member, please click here.