Industry News is Now Your Professional Network – Check It Out

April 11, 2016 | 0 Comments recently made a massive change by becoming a professional network.  Malakye was founded as a job website for the industry 14 years ago, way back in 2002, and is now 2 months into being a professional network. 

“It’s taking off!” is what Chad Mihalick, owner and founder of Malakye had to say.  And of course a little more, “there’s no doubt that pivoting to become a professional network was the right thing for the business.  It’s a massive risk, we put everything on the line to make it happen, and it’s proving to be a good decision.  We’ll see in the coming years just how good of a decision it was.  I want Malakye to be the absolute best it can be for the community we’ve been serving since day one and will do whatever it takes to make that a reality”

You can now use Malakye as a resource to find and connect with people to build your professional network, track down new companies, find professionally focused events to participate in, of course the industry’s best and most comprehensive resource for job opportunities and keep up on the latest news in industries you care about.

The website is smooth and it is very easy to set up a profile and networking, connecting, and plugging in.  The vibe is unmistakably and it feels like being involved in a professional network built specifically for the snow sports industry – because it is. 

Check it out!  Login or sign up.



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