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It’s March…. cabin fever sets in…..

March 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

It’s official…that twitchy feeling we all experience this time of year to dig out our flip flops from storage and bask in some sweet Vitamin D filled sunshine.


It’s the time of year when we start counting down the hours to spring getaways that will keep our minds off mud long enough to make it to summer. There are perks to March, of course. St. Patrick’s Day. March Madness. Daylight Saving Time. Spring skiing! Each month I strive to share affordable and easy to execute visual ideas while offering tips for anticipating shopper’s needs as they embark on spring breaks, like what’s the new hot tent, bike or trail running shoe. Use what you have on hand.


As you unpack new shipments, stash any packing pieces like these corrugated cardboard triangles. There are so many ways to use pieces like this, as seen above painted and attached to a wall to display shoes.


Doesn’t everyone have a garden hose in his or her garage? Think about displaying waterproof jackets, rain gear or spring clothing and footwear.


I don’t suggest attempting the twigs in plastic baggies part, but daffodils are readily available at many stores, and are a symbol of spring. Putting together a simple display like this really makes people smile.


Have a cache of old bikes lying around? Spray paint them!

Image 1-1.jpg

Head to your local craft store and buy a whole mess of fake flowers. You will use them over and over. Check out the letters wrapped in yarn.


Finally, hit up your reps for spring images. Build your display around striking outdoor destinations, complete with enough product and props to convey a simple story.

So depending where you live (60 degrees in Bozeman today, 3 feet of snow in upstate New York), spring is on its way. Get to it, have fun with new product and head to Pinterest for more great ideas. Spring is a time of renewal, and it’s a perfect time to rev up your visual merchandising routine.


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