Industry + Intelligence

SIA is committed to providing our members with the most valuable business tools on a wide range of important business topics such as retail merchandising, digital marketing and social media, advocacy - delivering them in ways that meet our members where they are.

SIA members are savvy business leaders, always wanting to engage and learn about where our industry is headed and how to drive their businesses forward.

Throughout the year, we provide a wide variety of opportunities to SIA members with the insights and education they need as business leaders. This includes:

  • SIA's Industry + Intelligence at the 2020 Outdoor + Snow Show is our marquee educational event
  • Monthly webinars covering topics pertinent to our member’s business
  • We've partnered with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden on an exclusive SIA/Channel Mastery podcast series, focused on the business of snow sports.
  • Editorial content diving deep into specific industry-related issues
  • Ski Mechanics Learning Center, an online education platform for shop owners, managers, and employees
  • And much, much more.
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SIA's Industry + Intelligence At Outdoor + Snow Show

Each year, SIA hosts Industry + Intelligence events at the Outdoor + Snow Show. It's four days of business acumen and industry insights that will help your business thrive. Industry & Intelligence brings relevant and practical information to life for anyone looking to learn more about how to grow their business in this continually evolving marketplace.

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