SIA’s mission is to help the winter outdoor community thrive.

From inclusion to participation, education to advocacy, and insights to consumers, SIA provides its members with the roadmap, tools and resources necessary for a thriving business now and into the future.

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NextGen Study of Winter Participants

This report offers a detailed look at the perceptions of young and diverse non-participants in winter outdoor sports — people who represent an untapped potential to grow participation. The report is part of an ongoing effort by SIA to help its members better understand how to grow participation, diversity and inclusion in their business and the greater winter outdoor community.

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Uniting the winter community to take meaningful action on climate change and tariffs. SIA understands the magnitude and responsibility of using this collective voice for the better good of the entire winter outdoor community.

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Invaluable and direct access to winter outdoor enthusiasts and their insights, habits, and trends. Actionable consumer insights and increasing winter participation are essential to growing your business. SIA is leading the charge on bridging the gap between its members and consumers in fundamental ways.

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Vital tools and information to support and grow your business. SIA’s Industry + Intelligence is a year-round, educational platform that provides SIA members with strategic tools and information to support and grow their business.

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Charting a path for inclusion in the winter outdoor industry. SIA is committed to charting a path for positive industry change that includes frank conversations, member education, leadership and business tools, and industry-wide collaborations.

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Actionable consumer, retail, and participation data to make better informed business decisions. SIA members get the significant advantage of relevant and timely research and data tools to help them make better, more informed business decisions.

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Working together grow the winter outdoor community. Growing participation is a sure-fire way to grow the business. SIA is unwavering in its efforts to get more people on snow.

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Stories of Winter

Interesting stories from the winter outdoor community.

Yes, Your Kids Can Play Outside All Winter

A recent article in the New York Times interviews hardened athletes and explorers weigh in on how to keep your kids warm.



Read the New York Times article here

Photo: Getty images photo from NYT article

The Marshall Fire

The VF Foundation is donating $50,000 to a newly created “Boulder County Wildfire Fund,” established by The Community Foundation Boulder County.

In addition, they have established an associate matching program through the American Red Cross and the Community Foundation Boulder County, whereby every dollar donated by VF associates will be matched by The VF Foundation.

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