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Knowledge is the backbone of every good leader, and processing the latest information is central to a successful business. SIA’s Industry + Intelligence is a year-round, educational platform that provides SIA members with strategic tools and information to support and grow their business. SIA members get special access to town halls, webinars, workshops and video libraries, across B2B and B2C business technologies, consumer loyalty, e-commerce, inclusion, sales, sustainable recovery, data and research, climate and tariff advocacy, and more – all aimed at helping your business thrive.

Starting September 2020, we are offering weekly, free inclusion training from Dr. Gerilyn Davis, Inclusion on the Slopes. We not only have a moral obligation to build a more welcoming and inclusive industry, we have a business imperative as well. Change needs to start now, and this will take all of our collective effort and an abundant mindset to create this shift. 

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SIA’s Industry + Intelligence At Outdoor + Snow Show

Each year, SIA hosts Industry + Intelligence events at the Outdoor + Snow Show. It’s filled with business acumen and industry insights that will help your business thrive. Industry & Intelligence brings relevant and practical information to life for anyone looking to learn more about how to grow their business in this continually evolving marketplace.

For 2021, OR Winter Online goes digital, and runs from January 6-March 19, 2021. See below for information on all upcoming I+I education events.

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Resort Operations – An Update On The 20/21 Winter Season

January 19, 202111:00am MT

An update from industry leaders representing regions across the US how the 20/21 season is going. Learn how resorts are continuing to adapt in today’s ever changing environment. Presented in partnership with National Ski Are...

Industry + Intelligence Keynote: An Interview with Gus Kenworthy

January 19, 202112:30pm MT

Gus Kenworthy is one of a kind, not just for his skiing, but for his personality, determination, advocacy, and heart. Born in Chelmsford, Essex, UK, Gus’ family moved to Telluride, Colorado when he was 2 and began skiing shortly...

Inclusion Playbook: How To Transform Your Workplace Into A Culture Of Belonging During The Times Of COVID

January 19, 20212:00pm MT

Is your company making progress on its journey to be more inclusive? Is the novel coronavirus affecting your ability to develop company culture? Join Noni Allwood and Corey Jones from PrismWork as they highlight how COVID-19 disru...

Creating An Inclusive Culture At Your Organization

January 21, 202111:00am MT

An inclusive company culture is defined as being an environment where there is a sense of respect and belonging for all. Hear from individuals who are embarking on creating a more inclusive workplace. SIA’s executive committ...

Brands On A Mission - Collaboration For A Cause

January 21, 20212:00pm MT

Your consumers want to know where you stand, but how do you authentically demonstrate your commitment to community and social justice? Join our panelists for a discussion on how to collaborate and communicate your brand’s co...

ClimateUnited: A New Definition Of Corporate Climate Leadership

January 22, 202111:00am MT

How do we really define corporate leadership on climate? If we’re going to address the climate crisis with the speed and scale necessary, it’s imperative that every business expand their vision, looking beyond simply reduc...

Engaging Consumers: Taking Inspiration From Outside The Industry To Revolutionize The Traditional Ski Show Experien...

January 22, 20212:00pm MT

What can popular culture and the entertainment industry teach us about building a community and engaging consumers? Learn how Snowbound Festival is completely evolving the concept of a ski show in order to engage consumers and dri...