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DIY Wednesday: A Magic Garden

May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Last weekend I spent a perfect Vermont spring day at one of my favorite local haunts – Cady’s Falls Nursery


Scattered about the property are handmade and repurposed objects of art. While these uber lawn ornaments are weathered by rust, they still manage to evoke a real sense of place. Plus I love the idea of combining different textures and icons evident in the photo above. 

You can find DIY inspiration in some unexpected places. Salvage yards and dumps are wonderful places to score industrial cast-off’s. What can you create for the outside or inside of your store out of salvaged items and perhaps a memento from a favorite trip? 

What you choose to create out of these pieces is up to you – but it’s always an adventure. Happy DIY Wednesday and look for my blog post next week that explores more finds from Cady’s Falls Nursery and how it relates back to visual merchandising.

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