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Top Trends to Look For at the 2017 Snow Show

January 20, 2017 | 0 Comments


Top Trends to Look For at the 2017 Snow Show


Breathable Outerwear:

As the backcountry trend continues to grow, brands are evolving to introduce breathable fabrics that are created to accommodate the durable, expedition space. Jacket designers are juggling heavier, more durable fabrics with lighter, more breathable fabrics to create outerwear for all activities on the hill. Outerwear to keep an eye on at this year’s Show include 686’s Gore-Tex Paclite Multi Jacket built for a range of multi-season activity, as well as FlyLow’s Compound Pant with eVent DVExpedition for added durability and breathable waterproofing.


Innovative Helmet Tech:

Be sure to check out the headwear on the Show floor, as brands debut helmets that marry comfort with safety. As awareness of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy spreads, brands are integrating EPS technology and MIPS to provide the ultimate protection against any impact. Pret’s Cirque X is combining different thicknesses of polycarbonate sheet to create one of the lightest and highest-performing helmets available, while Giro introduces a helmet catered to racers with specific technology to protect against gate impact.


High-Tech Ski Boots:

The new alpine boots blend technologies to reduce weight, improve rigidity and combat temperature. Tecnica is aiming for a better fit by incorporating lighter weight materials in their shells for all of their boots. Similarly, brands like Salomon, La Sportiva, and Dalbello are exploring material innovations by reducing weight and improving fit with improved features and tech.


Light, Powerful and Playful Skis:

Women make up 41% of the skier participant base, resulting in brands putting a heavy focus on crafting an exceptional all-mountain and performance driven ski for women. For the upcoming season, the key to women’s skis is to blend weight savings with downhill performance. Armada, Blizzard, Elan, K2 and Nordica have all put a focus on the women’s market for 2017-18, creating light-weight and all mountain ski options for all levels of skiers.


Versatile Nordic Gear:

A sneak peak into the 2017-18 Nordic Gear reflects the sport’s desire to make Nordic more accessible and user-friendly. Brands are introducing low-maintenance skis that require little to no waxing, packaged gear that bundles all the products needed for the sport into one price, and versatile designs that allow for consumers to use their gear beyond the traditional Nordic trail. For 2017-18, Salomon will be debuting new technology with its Salomon Racing Classic Skin Ski where users can skip the wax, and Fischer will be showcasing the Speedmax boot, claimed to be the lightest in the market.


Revolution of Snowboard Shape:

In snowboarding, new board shapes are being created to fit the needs of all different riders, whether it’s carving, split boarding, park, rails or powder. Some of the latest designs include new fiberglass and resins, as well as custom-engineered and exclusively formulated sintered bases. While Dinosaurs Will Die will be introducing Chris Brewster’s signature deck featuring a new shape perfect for lapping the park, Jones is continuing its ongoing collaboration with legendary surfboard-shaper Chris Christenson to create an all-mountain, surf-influenced ride.


Durable Snowboard Boots:

Snowboard boots for the 2017 season are looking to build up the ante on boot comfort by creating a durable and responsive boot. According to Nitro Global Marketing Manager, the brand foresees a demand in boots that last longer, so the market is evolving to accommodate that need. Boots from Flow are refining its fit to provide strategic support while Adidas and ThirtyTwo are working to produce boots that maximize response.


Going Green:

Brands are incorporating a green ethos as they rev up eco-design and the manufacturing of sustainable apparel. The snow industry understands that they need to be environmentally responsible and improve their sourcing to benefit the industry they work within. As a result, brands such as Holden, Dakine, Bonfire, Nikita, Nitro, Quicksilver, and more, are implementing a green mindset to their business. Whether it’s working with recycled materials, creating bio-degradable products or making minor adjustments in production to reduce their carbon footprints, it’s clear at the 2017 Snow Show that green is the new gold.



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