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The Snow Sports Industry Rallies Behind Guinness Book of World Record For Largest Ski/Snowboard Lesson

August 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

Last week, representatives from SIA and WWSRA joined colleagues from NSAA, PSIA-AASI, NSP, the U.S. Forest Service, USSA, RRC, Head Tyrolia Wintersports, The National Ski Club Newsletter,, nxtConcepts and Snow Operating to preview promotional materials for the industry’s latest effort to generate new customers – the attempt to set the largest ski and largest snowboard lessons for the Guinness Book of World Records. Denver-based Cultivator Advertising and Design created the visual look for the project and developed a full range of graphics that can be used by participating resorts. The meeting took place at the NSAA office in Lakewood, CO.


Materials range from full-blown, customizable posters to banner ads for web sites. Resorts can utilize the materials gratis if they are partners in the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month/Bring a Friend initiative. Everything is housed in an online toolkit available to LSS(M)/BAF partners.

Cultivator has worked with the LSS(M)/Bring a Friend team since the initiative’s roots in 2009. The agency also works with several industry and non-industry clients including PSIA-AASI and the New Belgium Beer Company.

“We totally support the industry’s efforts to develop new customers,” said Cultivator’s Matt Neren. “We’ve enjoyed working with the team and hope that many partners take advantage of the tools being offered to them.”

If the preview attendance was any indicator, there is wide spread industry support not only for the “Guinness Project” but also the overall Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative. Staff from Boulder-based Action Sports Media, Zeal Optics and Krimson Klover – all dedicated partners – attended separate meetings with LSS(M)/BAF organizers. 

SIA members are encouraged to get behind the effort by becoming or returning as a partner in the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month/Bring a Friend initiative.  “There are a lot of creative ways suppliers, reps and retailers can be involved and help promote these efforts even though they are not in the business of delivering lessons,” said Head/Tyrolia’s Jon Rucker.

The World’s Largest Lesson “Guinness Project” was the brainchild of Snow Operating’s Hugh Reynolds, formerly marketing director at Mountain Creek.

The event is set for Friday, January 8 at 10 a.m. in local time zones throughout the U.S. It kicks off the 2016 Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Beginners are the target with a special emphasis on youths. Resorts determine their own programs so they will vary.

Resorts will not be organizing ONE GIANT lesson but several lessons – for both ski and snowboard – all at the same time – 10 a.m. Special “fun” activities surrounding the lesson are encouraged.  The event is open to all LSS(M)/Bring a Friend participants.

A pro-active PR campaign will dovetail with the new creative. MFA, a New York-based agency is working with industry organizers to secure high profile media attention national-wide. Participating resorts also are asked to utilize their own resources to attract media attention for the “Guinness Project” and also for the rest of the LSS(M)/Bring a Friend initiative.  

Industry PR professional John Brice has compiled a set of  “PR Guidelines” to help partners who plan to run LSS(M)/Bring a Friend programs and also organize a World’s Largest Lesson event.

“The emphasis for beginners is on having FUN ” said Mary Jo Tarallo, director for the LSS(M)/BAF initiative. “If people don’t have fun on their first day, they probably won’t return”.

“In general, people are looking for fun on the snow and that is how we plan to promote this project,” said Joe Hession, president of Snow Operating.

Already, more than 50 resorts are planning to organize a WLL event. The goal is 100 resorts.

All details for participating in the Guinness and all LSS(M)/BAF programs are posted in the Partner Toolkit. If you do not know how to access the toolkit, contact Mary Jo Tarallo at [email protected].





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