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The Doug Coombs Foundation Becomes Coombs Outdoors

August 29, 2019 | 0 Comments


(JACKSON, WY, August 22, 2019) – The Doug Coombs Foundation today announced a new name and brand identity, Coombs Outdoors, effective immediately.

The Doug Coombs Foundation began as a ski organization in 2012 and has since grown to serve more than 250 kids annually in Teton County through year-round outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and rafting. The mission of Coombs Outdoors is to empower children and youth to reach their full potential through the life-changing power of outdoor recreation.

At every stage, outdoors remains at the center of the work of Coombs Outdoors, whether a hike with a Forest Ranger, a ropes course with a mentoring cohort, or an internship working at our local ski hill. The new name more broadly reflects the outdoor focus of activities Coombs participants engage in, while the new look breaks away from the organization’s previously ski-centric logo.

“We wanted a name that better reflects the work that we do while maintaining our connection to our founding history with Doug and Emily. Also, conversations with some of our families, partners and major donors, convinced us that maintaining the Coombs name is important,” said Mary Erickson, Executive Director for Coombs Outdoors. “The Doug Coombs Foundation has always been associated with skiing, but we do so much more than that. Since outdoor recreation is our primary tool for impacting kids’ lives, Coombs Outdoors resonated with us. We are excited about a new name and fresh look that will grow and evolve with us for many years to come.”

Coombs Outdoors programs are built on three pillars: Activate, Engage, Empower.

  • ACTIVATE! Introduce children and youth to a variety of outdoor activities year-round to get them off the couch and their cell phones and active in nature.
  • ENGAGE! Connect with youth to build deeper interpersonal peer relationships and provide strong role models.
  • EMPOWER! Provide youth with the tools and confidence to pursue their dreams in life beyond high school.

About Coombs Outdoors

Jackson Hole is known for its natural beauty and world-class outdoor sports. However, there is a large population of children from low-income families who do not have access to the same opportunities as their peers. In an effort to create a healthy community where all our children thrive, Coombs Outdoors provides year-round outdoor programming for youth from Kindergarten through high school graduation.

Coombs Outdoors begins with basic instructional programs that introduce kids to a variety of activities to spark a passion for the outdoors, then adds a cohort-based mentoring component in middle school to help youth build deep relationships with their peers and trusted adults, and finally, works with high school youth to serve as mentors and coaches to younger kids, explore careers and college, and become passionate outdoor enthusiasts.

Coombs Outdoors’ goal is not to create world-class skiers or rock climbers, but to develop world-class people ready to embrace the future with confidence.


Contact: Lily Krass, Marketing and Communications Manager at [email protected]

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