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I+I Presenter Spotlight: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

January 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

We’re just days away from seeing each other in person at the panel presentation I’m doing for the Snowsports Industries of America Industry + Intelligence day, the day before the start of the winter market trade show in Denver.

In this brief post, I’ll share the panel details, let you know how you can submit a question before the panel, and offer you links to two new podcasts that posted last week and this week featuring two of the amazing panelists I’ll be hosting. Let’s do this. ….

First, the panel title:

Managing the Gap: How Successful Specialty Retailers and Brands can Bridge the Digital Divide and Create Emotional Connection with Omnichannel Consumers

It takes place Tuesday, January 29, at the Denver Convention Center, Room 401 and we kick off at 2:15 pm.

This is a very important topic for specialty businesses leaders to track this year. Giant companies like Amazon are training our target consumers every single day to expect convenience, selection and the best price. Our consumer is also being nurtured by companies like Amazon, Target, Google, Facebook, etc. These companies are investing millions (if not billions) of dollars to capture the attention of our consumers.  But you know what? Our consumer is also hungering to belong to brands and retailers that share their ethics, offer them a special experience and a tribe to join. That’s the specialty business hole shot, and we’re going there in the panel, big time!

Because this topic is so important, I invite you to check out the past two episodes of Channel Mastery, which feature two of our three panelists.

There is one more panelist. … Teddy Schiavoni. Many of you know Teddy well, but for those of you who do not, Teddy is an entrepreneur and specialty retailer, owner of Summit Ski and Snowboard, and now, the VP of Marketing at Teddy and I are planning a post-show wrap up podcast, which will be recorded the very first week of Feb. If, like me, you often find yourself asking “WWTD” or “what would Teddy do?” – I’ve got you covered, you just need to wait until we’re all back at home and you’ll get the Teddy and Kristin show highlight reel, which will include addressing more questions from the panel that we didn’t have time to get to in Denver together.

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is an entrepreneur– as well as founder and CEO of Verde Brand Communications, a 17-year-old leading communications agency for the outdoor industry economy. Serving industries outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, travel, health + wellness, craft beer + spirits.

She is also the founder of Channel Mastery, a consulting solution that guides companies and brands to build and scale multi-channel businesses that are profitable, sustainable and consumer-centric. Check out her weekly podcast, “Channel Mastery,” a show for business leaders intent on being consumer-centric and optimizing the right engagement and commerce channels, as well as the “Take Me Outdoors” podcast, presenting interviews with outdoor community leaders who give our industries such character.

Carpenter-Ogden is an outdoor enthusiast, competitive athlete, sometimes Alpinist and passionate proponent of the Outdoor Recreation Economy, Conservation + Access to the Outdoors. She currently resides in Durango, Colorado.

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