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Valuable Resources For Companies That Want To Be Part Of The Solution

During this industry-wide slowdown, many of our member companies are considering how they can be part of the soution by mobilizing their operations and producing personal protection equipment (PPE).

Alongside our partners at OIA, we are helping the entire outdoor industry navigate this opportunity to make a life-saving difference. Below, you will find some resources and information to any company better understand this opportuhity.

Check back often, we'll be updating this page when new resources become available.

Want To Donate Gear?

If you have equipment to donate to local hospitals and first responders, the opportunities vary by state. We've listed some state and local programs below:










Goggles For Docs

For those interested in donating goggles please consider Goggles For Docs:

Supply Connector

Interested in sourcing or producing gear? This is a directory designed to connect those who can supply materials and manufacture finished goods with those who need them most. Contact Supply Connector to find helpful resources:


FEMA provides some direction for those that want to donate medical supplies or equipment.

America's Apparel Producer's Network

America's Apparel Producers’ Network. AAPN has activated an industry bulletin board called the Sourcing Center for the textile/apparel industry to respond to the specific needs of this terrible pandemic.  Anyone interested in participating can login to the Sourcing Center and post their needs/capabilities for others to read and respond to.  We have had over 6,000 responses to date.

Login below. Click on MEMBER LOGIN in top right corner (red block). You do not have to be an AAPN member to login.  If you are not already in our database you will be asked for your email address. This will become your username. Then you will be asked to create a password.

  1. Click on the MEMBERS tile in the toolbar
  2. Go to MEMBER LANDING page
  3. Click on DISCUSSIONS link
  4. Access the SOURCING EXCHANGE discussion
  5. Log into the MAKING CONNECTIONS topic and you'll see all previous exchanges. Note --- do not log out; this will make it faster and easier to use this feature next time.

Problems logging in?  Contact Sue Strickland at [email protected]

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