Antelope Butte; courtesy Share Winter Foundation


Working together to grow the winter outdoor community

Growing participation is a sure-fire way to grow the business. SIA is unwavering in its efforts to get more people on snow. Whether it’s the 45,000 kids that participated in ski/snowboard/nordic through our support of the Share Winter Foundation, attracting new winter enthusiasts to Snowbound Festivals by creating a welcoming and inclusive experience, or seizing on the opportunity and momentum COVID-19 has created for more people to get outside, now more than ever we need to work together as a community to encourage, enable, and welcome greater participation in the winter outdoors.



Growing winter sports has never been more crucial, and our support of Share Winter is focused on addressing the issue at its core. SIA is part of the launch of an industry-wide partnership with Share Winter amongst the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) and the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI). With these snow industry partners, we’re facilitating collaboration across the winter outdoor industry by establishing participation as a priority for all key winter stakeholders. The ongoing dialogue will focus on our collective partnership with Share Winter Foundation, focusing on introducing a new generation to winter outdoor sports and grow participation.

Our goal is to help the Share Winter Foundation increase and sustain the number of new winter outdoor sports participants by 100,000+ by 2028. Access to proper gear is a major barrier to snowsports participation. To address this issue, we're inviting any manufacturer to donate unused gear to Share Winter which will be distributed to deserving grassroots programs and young first-time winter outdoor enthusiasts as needed. 

Learn more about Share Winter and how you can become a partner here.



National, online and in-person destinations, Snowbound Festival provides winter enthusiasts of all kinds an inclusive, immersive and inspirational experience that generates excitement for winter outdoors. Regardless of age or experience, Snowbound Festival celebrates the passion and culture of winter sports and invites newcomers to join in the winter outdoor community and directly connect with brands, products, retailers and interactive experiences.

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Innovation and New Ideas

By looking at best practices, alternative methods, and non-traditional solutions from around the globe, SIA wants to broaden the definition of participation to include on- and off-hill opportunities, as well as elevate new and innovative ways to grow participation in all winter sports and help bring those to the forefront.

Since the onset of COVID-19, people are getting outside more than ever before. The bike industry has seen some of its best days ever. The hope is that this consumer enthusiasm will translate with similar results into the winter outdoors. This creates a huge opportunity for resorts, retailers and suppliers to reach a new audience of winter outdoor enthusiasts, as well as, introduce new and current enthusiasts to additional, and sometimes more easily accessible, winter activities, including touring, fat biking, Nordic, sledding/tubing , snowshoeing and winter running. SIA is committed to driving these important conversations across the industry as we continue to uncover these opportunities.