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Nick’s Notes – February 2021

February 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

February 10, 2021


As we move through this season and begin to focus on the business of next, this is a great time to take stock of all of the critical business tools and services that SIA offers to its members. Below are five member benefits you can’t afford to miss.

Insights: We provide actionable industry data across consumer, retail, and participation to help you make better-informed business decisions. This includes Monthly NPD Retail Sales reports; Consumer Trends and Insights; Annual Participation report; and 2020 Year In Review Report. All of this research can be accessed in the SIA Member Portal here.

Education: With over 60 (archived) presentations this year alone, SIA provides its members with year-round strategic information, tools and services to support and grow your business on critical areas including business operations, consumers, participation, data and insights, inclusion, climate and advocacy. Take a spin through our education library here.

Climate Advocacy: In an effort to help guide and galvanize the winter outdoor industry businesses around meaningful climate action, SIA created ClimateUnited. ClimateUnited is an industry-wide commitment and a holistic approach to climate action with a roadmap that provides SIA members with the guidance to lead by reducing carbon emissions, integrating positive climate impact into business strategy, and how to be a powerful, nonpartisan voice for strong climate policy. Learn more about ClimateUnited here.

Inclusion: Welcoming new and diverse participants into the winter outdoor industry is a business imperative. SIA provides a number of resources to help members along their inclusion journey. From Town Hall discussions to online workshops to weekly, self-guided inclusion training, SIA members can find important tools to help engrain inclusion in their business here.

Business Services and Discounts: SIA has curated an incredible array of business services and discounts for its members. From shipping to business technology, financial and credit services to insurance, we have you covered. Check them all out here on our new Marketplace.

Knowledge is the backbone of every good leader. SIA arms its members with strategic tools, services and information to support and grow their business. You can find information on all of our member tools and benefits on

If you are not a member, please join us. We are United by Winter.

Nick Sargent

SIA President

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