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Layover Time

June 8, 2015 | 0 Comments

On a recent three hour layover at New York’s Laguardia airport – what else is there to do but eat and walk around. 

I haven’t been to the Delta terminal at Laguardia in a while, I guess – because let me tell you – the food court was hopping! 

There were almost too many options, from sit down sushi to elevated grab and go burgers. 

And then a great surprise was to discover NYC themed merchandise like coffee mugs, drinking glasses and dish towels for sale around the corner. While not the most practical items to try and stuff in a carry-on bag, it’s fun to see something different for once in airport retail besides book stores and Cinnabon stands.


Notice the beautiful floor tiles as well.  They give this retail section a funky, artsy feel.


You can also take home a taste of New York City. Appealing presentation, bright colors and sizes large or small enough to fit in your luggage. 


How often do you find pizza and magazines merchandised together? This is a great example of cross merchandising. Food and reading material go hand in hand in an airport environment.

So next time your flight is (unfortunately) delayed, take a look around to see what’s selling at the airport.  What are people buying? Do you see some new ideas that you could take back home with you? Eye catching signage? It might help pass the time!

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