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Inclusion Training – Session Two with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

September 11, 2020 | 0 Comments

September 11, 2020

Hello SIA members,

I hope you are doing extremely well and are having a delightful day. I think what I have enjoyed most about leveraging inclusion is that I can do what I do well. One of the key fundamentals of the SWORD Inclusion System is the ability to use your strengths. As each of you has taken your strength assessments, I would like for you to take the time to discuss your strengths with your accountability partner. Explain what you noticed after you took the assessment. In addition, discuss the variation you are witnessing with your accountability partner. As I have the results from the assessments that you may have taken, I will use myself as an example of what it means to assess your strengths to create inclusion. Here is an example:

I took the High5 test and my top 5 strengths were Optimist, Philo Math, Peacemaker, Empathizer, and Strategist. To be quite honest all these strengths I use to foster inclusion.

  • Optimist: I leverage my optimistic point of view so therefore even in moments of despair I can find a silver lining.
  • Philo Math: As a Philo Math I am always looking to learn, always! I spend half of my waking hours doing research. Furthermore, I believe human beings are the most valuable resources on our planet. We are walking data points. Hence, the reason why I value inclusion.
  • Peacemaker: I do believe in harmony even when there is a tremendous amount of conflict in any situation. I have become equipped with helping others find common ground, and I use this strength often in inclusion.
  • Empathizer: My ability to empathize with others has served me quite well. I can connect to other’s emotional state and let them know that they are not alone in whatever emotion they are feeling.
  • Strategist: I often don’t get caught in the details, yet it doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the details, I am just able to see the bigger picture. I see the interconnectedness in all that we experience.

How can you leverage your strengths for inclusion? Discuss this question with your accountability partner.

Several assessments for you to take provided below:

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