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Navigating Change Series #4: Why Cause Matters: Consumer Loyalty in Purchase Decisions

August 13, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: New research shows outdoor enthusiasts care deeply about protecting the planet and spend with brands that share their beliefs and values.

Navigating Change Series #3: Sustainable Operations = Sustainable Recovery

August 6, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: How do you adapt business operations in an unpredictable, stop-and-start economic environment? Learn ways to up-level your operations while maintaining a sustainable mindset.

Navigating Change Series #2: The Values and Cents of Sustainable Recovery

July 30, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: The pandemic derailed some consumer trends and accelerated others for the outdoor industry.

Inclusion Town Hall #2: Inclusion and Your Business

July 28, 20201:00pm MT

Overview: The importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in your business.

Navigating Change Series #1: Intersection of Environment & Diversity

July 23, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: Diversity – racial, gender and cultural – is now front-and-center in our national conversation.

Inclusion Town Hall #1: Listen and Learn - Stories of People of Color in the Winter Outdoor Industry

July 14, 20201:00pm MT

Overview: From participant to entrepreneur, listen first-hand to what it means to be a person of color in the winter outdoor industry.