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Making Hiring Easier for Everyone

(Past) December 2, 202112:00pm MT

Making Hiring Easier for Everyone

Employer branding will be the #1 differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining elite teams in 2022. Much like a hiring manager scanning a resume, top talent looks for key information on job descriptions and career pages before applying. And they’ll leave if they can’t find it.

The bad news? They probably won’t tell you what they’re looking for.
The good news? We will.

Led by insights directly from Basecamp, the outdoor industry’s deepest pool of talent, Jenna and Ali will help outdoor & active lifestyle companies stand out to the right candidates through workplace branding & hiring efforts that will save everyone time. From job descriptions to career pages to how you treat employee personal brands, we’ll tell you the information you NEED to include across your channels to stand out in a job seeker’s market. We’ll also provide insights on making new hires feel safe and welcome in your workplace with a goal to avoid turnover and increase retention (and fulfillment for everyone!)

Employers, welcome to 2021. You’re the candidate now.