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Advancing Sustainability in Ski Production

January 13, 202212:00pm MT

With over 3 million pairs of skis produced each year and consumer interest growing, as a category we need to start thinking – ‘How can we make skis in a more sustainable way?’. Sustainability for hard goods is a ...

Mobilizing the Outdoor State: Climate Action 101

September 30, 202111:00am MT

With the impacts of climate change becoming more visible and costly every day, it’s imperative that the winter outdoor industry use our economic and social influence to drive the policy changes needed to implement the soluti...

Brands On A Mission - Collaboration For A Cause, Presented In Collaboration With The Share Winter Foundation

January 21, 20212:00pm MT

Your consumers want to know where you stand, but how do you authentically demonstrate your commitment to community and social justice? Join our panelists for a discussion on how to collaborate and communicate your brand’s co...

Introducing ClimateUnited: Simplifying Your Climate Journey

December 8, 202011:00am MT

Tackling climate change can be complex and intimidating – it’s tough to know where to start and how to truly be effective. But if we’re going to win on climate, we all need to jump in. SIA’s new climate platform, C...

Introducing ClimateUnited

October 29, 20201:00pm MT

ClimateUnited, SIA’s new climate platform to unite the winter outdoor industry around meaningful climate action. This initiative, free to every SIA member, provides the path forward for every company large or small, and the p...

Climate Action Is My Business

September 24, 202011:00am MT

Addressing climate change is certainly an imperative, and it also pays off with business benefits. For those of us in the winter outdoor industry, the stakes are high, yet businesses that have made the commitment drive positive c...

Navigating Change Series #4: Why Cause Matters: Consumer Loyalty in Purchase Decisions

August 13, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: New research shows outdoor enthusiasts care deeply about protecting the planet and spend with brands that share their beliefs and values.

Navigating Change Series #3: Sustainable Operations = Sustainable Recovery

August 6, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: How do you adapt business operations in an unpredictable, stop-and-start economic environment? Learn ways to up-level your operations while maintaining a sustainable mindset.

Navigating Change Series #2: The Values and Cents of Sustainable Recovery

July 30, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: The pandemic derailed some consumer trends and accelerated others for the outdoor industry.

Navigating Change Series #1: Intersection of Environment & Diversity

July 23, 202012:00pm MT

Overview: Diversity – racial, gender and cultural – is now front-and-center in our national conversation.