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Inclusion Playbook: How To Transform Your Workplace Into A Culture Of Belonging During The Times Of COVID

January 19, 20212:00pm MST

Is your company making progress on its journey to be more inclusive? Is the novel coronavirus affecting your ability to develop company culture? Join Noni Allwood and Corey Jones from PrismWork as they highlight how COVID-19 disru...

Industry + Intelligence Keynote: An Interview with Gus Kenworthy

January 19, 202112:30pm MST

Gus Kenworthy is one of a kind, not just for his skiing, but for his personality, determination, advocacy, and heart. Born in Chelmsford, Essex, UK, Gus’ family moved to Telluride, Colorado when he was 2 and began skiing shortly...

Brands On A Mission - Collaboration For A Cause

January 21, 20212:00pm MST

Your consumers want to know where you stand, but how do you authentically demonstrate your commitment to community and social justice? Join our panelists for a discussion on how to collaborate and communicate your brand’s co...

Creating An Inclusive Culture At Your Organization

January 21, 202111:00am MST

An inclusive company culture is defined as being an environment where there is a sense of respect and belonging for all. Hear from individuals who are embarking on creating a more inclusive workplace. SIA’s executive committ...

Inclusivity At The Forefront: The Time Is Now For Brands To Change

January 6, 20218:00am MST

SIA, in partnership with the Outdoor Industry Association and Outdoor Retailer, is co-hosting the Keynote Industry Breakfast to kick off the new OR Winter Online format. Description: Customers, employees and other stakeholders ar...

Welcoming New & Diverse Participants to the Winter Community

December 3, 202012:00pm MST

COVID-19 has energized people to get outside in unprecedented numbers. How can the winter community be more welcoming and inclusive in effort to expand winter sports participation among new, casual and diverse participants. As a n...

Let’s Get Real: 5 Actionable Ways to Increase Your Inclusive Leader Skills

October 21, 202012:00pm MST

So much change has happened so fast. Between the consequences of COVID, the racial justice reckoning, the rise of #MeToo and so much more, leaders at every level are asking themselves how they can be part of the solution for a new...

United by Winter: Moving the Winter Community Forward

October 6, 202012:00pm MST

We have experienced significant change in the winter outdoor industry, including SIA. And whether COVID, climate change or consolidation; or new consumers, new technologies or new ways of doing business, change is inevitable but a...

Inclusion Town Hall #4: Creating Change Together Across the Winter Outdoor Industry

August 25, 20201:00pm MST

Overview: Collaboration across the industry associations – winter outdoor industry leadership working together to create an agenda for change.