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Direct Alpine Enters North American Market

November 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

Direct Alpine, technical outdoor wear made in the Czech Republic, will now be available for sale in North America as the brand makes its debut at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in January 2018.

As a critical first step, the brand established distribution and operations based in Eagle, Colo. The central location in the Rocky Mountains allows better service and infrastructure for retailers, including faster delivery times and greater flexibility to adapt to seasonal trends.

“The first goal was to secure distribution in Colorado,” says Tony Chalakov with Direct Alpine. “This allows us to provide quality service for retail partners, while keeping prices competitive for our North American customers. Colorado is extremely supportive of the outdoor industry, and most importantly the location allows us to stay rooted in the outdoors.”

Headquartered in the Czech Republic, Direct Alpine produces 95-percent of its product collection in Europe, adhering to strict environmental and manufacturing standards. This provides full oversight into the design and production processes, from CAD drawings and sewing to product testing and quality control. Recognized for technical apparel innovation and a commitment to sustainability, Direct Alpine offers the latest technologies, premium materials, and a distinguishably European approach to design.

Following the brand’s growing success in Europe and Asia, Direct Alpine brings its unique value proposition to the North American market. Today’s outdoor consumer is looking to standout in the ‘sea of sameness’, while also being conscious of where and how their gear is made. Direct Alpine meets the growing demand for styles and colors made popular in the European alpine community, sought after by a growing demographic of athletes that want to look different, but without the environmental impact or social implications of gear made in China or Sri Lanka.

Visit Direct Alpine at the upcoming 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, January 2018. Contact Tony Chalakov ([email protected]) to book a retailer appointment or Theresa Graven ([email protected]) for media appointments.

Built for high mountain environments, Direct Alpine is the direct route to the top, goal or given purpose, without any deviations, sidesteps or compromises. Since 1997 the brand is known for technical apparel innovation with an excellent ratio of functionality, quality and value, backed by a three-year warranty. Headquartered in Europe, Direct Alpine produces 95-percent of its product collection in the Czech Republic, to the utmost environmental standards. Over the years and mostly through word of mouth, Direct Alpine is sold in 24 countries worldwide.

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